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Best Ways to Clean Pet Stains when Carpet Cleaning

Carpet Cleaning, Furniture & Furry Family Members - Pets make a valuable addition to any family. We form strong attachments with the little creatures because we are such a social species. Besides, what’s there to not love about cats and dogs? They are cute, gorgeous, funny, and friendly. However, such close relationship means that we often [...]

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How to Clean Red Stains – Tallahassee Carpet Cleaning

Hey! This is Jay Main from Main's Tallahassee Carpet Cleaning Blog. Today we're going to talk about how to remove red stains from your carpet. This technique works on red stains yellow stains and green carpet stains. basically any type of stain that is made from synthetic ink or dies when cleaning carpet. These [...]

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Allergies And Asthma With Carpet – Carpet Cleaning Tips For Tallahassee

Microscopic View of Dust Fibers What Carpet Is Best For Cleaning Away Allergens? Hey! This is Jay Main with Main Tallahassee Carpet Cleaning blog. We're going to spend a minute today talking about indoor air quality and how it relates to your home and health. Many people have the misconception that hard surfaces [...]

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Benefits of Carpet Cleaning

Benefits of Carpet Cleaning Carpet cleaning has many benefits, raging from health to appearance. Here's some of the many benefits to keeping your homes carpet clean. Maintaining Appearances—It’s recommended you clean your carpet every 6 to 12 months before you start to notice the spots and traffic lanes to keep it looking like new [...]

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Best Time to Pressure Wash Your Home & Why.

Pressure Washing Your Home For Value As home owners we see our home as a important part of our life. All of our hard work and energy goes into protecting and valuing our investment. We understand the true value of our labor and protect our home. Eventually we have greater needs to accommodate and the [...]

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