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While working on this project, the home owner was stressed out about having to replace the carpet they installed only 12 months earlier. The tenants they rented to had really done a number on this carpet. We evaluated the condition of the carpet to figure out the best remedy. Then, using our Roto-Vac, were able to restore the carpet’s shine with a thorough deep-cleaning. In total, we saved the homeowner the time and money needed to replace the carpet.

Tallahassee Carpet CleaningTallahassee Carpet Cleaning
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Sometimes pets can get a little messy, and that’s okay.

After we arrived, we took a look and this is what we found. Their furry-footed-family member left a great mess on the carpet after tearing open a soil bag in the garage! We used a combination of pet safe chemicals to restore the carpet while ensuring the family pet wouldn’t be harmed. This made the space enjoyable again for the family and the dog both.

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Joann Friesen

My first time using this company . Very nice . I did not know my couch was that dirty . It looks almost like new . Wanted to keep it as it makes into a bed . Wow is all i can say. I highly recommend their service


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