Tallahassee Water Damage Restoration Services

We offer 24-hour emergency Water Damage Restoration services for all of Leon County and Tallahassee, FL. Our techs will be on the way at your convenience. Main Cleaning is only a phone call away. We answer the phone day or night, rain or shine. Water extractions help keep your home dry after an emergency. We have special drying equipment for the worst emergencies.


24-hour emergency water damage restoration services.

The misfortunes flood damage can bring a family can be devastating. More so, the mess it can create is nothing like anyone can ever imagine. Having worked closely with families, we’ve seen the impact of loss flood can cause and understand the nature of the struggle you face. It’s difficult to find the strength to clear out your home when you’ve lost so much. One of the most heartbreaking aspects of flooding is having to put the pieces back together. It takes a considerable amount of time for you to put the things you had taken apart back together, which can be overwhelming. So it is important that you enlist the help of a professional for your restoration efforts.

Water Damage Restoration - Moisture Meter

Water Damage Restoration – Moisture Meter


Sometimes water damage can be tough to detect in your home.

If not treated properly, moisture can lead to mold for your home or family. Your health is our number one priority when working on water damage restoration and our equipment helps us find water in the toughest spots. Our equipment helps detect moisture in the hardest to spot places so your health won’t be at risk.

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Not all floods are a complete disaster. We’ll still be there to help. Here’s what our clients have to say about Main Cleaning Solutions for Emergency Water Damage Restoration, Tallahassee:

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