How to Add Value to Residential or Commercial Property

Before putting your Residential or Commercial Property in Tallahassee on the market, it’s worth considering some tips and tricks that would help you make the most dollar when selling your residential or commercial property. To help, we’ve identified some alterations that will add instant curb appeal and make the most difference when selling in Tallahassee, FL.


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1. Keep Your Residential or Commercial Property in Tallahassee in Good Repair

Keeping your property in good repair can add instant perceived value to your estate. Buyers often look for well-cared-for homes and would willingly pay more for a neat property.

Before selling your home, consider fixing saggy or leaky roofs, missing or broken roof tiles, dirty walls, peeling paints, broken lightbulbs, dripping taps, etc. That said, a full-scale renovation is not always necessary. We recommend weighing your options carefully so you don’t lose money on unnecessary updates.


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2. Redecorate

If the interior of your property is looking a little dated, you can make styling updates to add instant curb appeal. This may mean doing up your old front door or enhancing the entire entryway, adding a lick of paint, or doing some general maintenance to fill cracks and holes.


3. Keep Your Property Clean

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The first impression is the only impression a prospective buyer will ever have of your property. Whether you own a commercial or residential property, the most effective way to ensure an excellent first impression is to maintain a tidy building facade by enlisting a professional cleaning service.


Professional cleaning services typically use commercial-grade equipment to blast dust, mud, mold, and general grime from surfaces, giving your property’s exterior a new lease of life. Keeping your facade neat will attract a steady flow of prospects, giving you a better chance of achieving your asking price.


4. Pay Attention to the High-impact Areas

Given a little bit of attention, your kitchen and bathrooms can make a difference and increase the salability of your property. Buyers are less likely to factor in the renovation cost if your kitchen or bathroom looks tidy, allowing you to maximize returns. The opposite is true if your kitchen or bathrooms need updating.

To keep remodeling costs low, it’s a good idea to refinish and touch up your tube instead of getting a new one. Instead of installing new cabinets, try getting new hardware. It’s also a wise move to install a new sink faucet or even design the bathroom yourself.



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Turn to Main Cleaning Solutions for Your Exterior Cleaning Job

A clean facade sells properties, and Main Cleaning Solutions can help add the most value. We leverage sophisticated pressure washing, soft washing, and other innovative cleaning techniques to help you make a great first impression on buyers.

Even better, our professional service team pays great attention to detail to preserve your premises’ charm and authenticity. Our soft and pressure washing services cover everything from patios to driveways, sidewalks, external cladding, walls, decking, and everything in-between. Please call or text us 850.728.4284 to book today!

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