Time to Clean Pet Stains. We know… No FUN! Carpet Cleaning, Furniture & Furry Family Members – Pets make a valuable addition to any family. We form strong attachments with the little creatures because we are such a social species. Besides, what’s there to not love about cats and dogs? They are cute, gorgeous, funny, and friendly.
However, such close relationship means that we often find it hard to keep them off of our other valuables like rugs and furniture. Whenever they are unwatched, pets start damaging household items. From soiling the carpet with urine stains to scratching furniture surface and chewing blankets, they are capable of destroying everything we hold dear.
This makes it hard to keep your home squeaky clean while accommodating them. Granted, they do not realize the extent of the damage they are doing. Nevertheless, it behooves us to limit the ruin by acting immediately when pet stains occur lest they wreck our properties beyond recognition.

Cat Stains Carpet Cleaning Tallahassee

Common Pet Stains when Carpet Cleaning

Pet stains are a common occurrence, especially during the shedding season when they drop furs. Regardless of the efforts you make, it can be hard to prevent your loving animals from soiling some of your most prized possessions. Often, they leave stains such as hair fibers all over your curtains, chairs or other furniture.
Pet parents also have to regularly clean their rugs of stains such as urine, feces, and vomit. Outside, pets commonly leave brown spots on the lawn. Over time, the stains can develop into tough blemishes and deep down grime that might make you consider moving if you fail to clean up after your pets as often as you should.
Asides from the urine and fecal matter, owners also have to deal with the odor from their affectionate pets. To save expense, time, and sanity, it is essential to eliminate odors using the right formula. Cleaning Pet Stains doesn’t have to suck!

Cleaning Pet Stains and Odors & Carpet Cleaning

Pet stains may occasionally be produced that cannot be entirely removed with commercial detergent. In such instances, it becomes necessary to use specific cleaning agents for this purpose. To eliminate pet odors, you should consider using a natural deodorizer such as baking soda.
Alternatively, you may use the organic pet stain and odor remover from OxGord. The solution combines enzymes and essential oils to help you deal with pet stains and odors on carpets and household furniture.
To clean urine, use paper towels to blot up liquid, then pour club soda on the affected area. After that, blot dry with paper towels and apply a pet odor solution such as the OxGord organic pet stain and odor remover. To clear feces, remove the solids and blot up the moisture using paper towels, then apply a pet deodorizer.

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If vomit, take out the solids, then apply baking soda. After you have done that, pour club soda on the affected area and blot it up using paper towels. If stain remains, you should apply the OxGord pet stain and odor remover. To clean pet hair from carpet, sprinkle the carpet with a light coating of baking soda and allow to sit for some minutes, then vacuum the room the usual way.
Cleaning Carpet or furniture after your pets helps to prevent pet stains such as pee from soaking into the carpet padding or being absorbed into your furniture wood. Also, it is recommended to deep clean as often as possible, as it helps to keep your house fresh and smelling nice. When its time to Clean Pet Stains you’ll be prepared!

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