Hey! This is Jay Main from Main’s Tallahassee Carpet Cleaning Blog. Today we’re going to talk about how to remove red stains from your carpet. This technique works on red stains yellow stains and green carpet stains. basically any type of stain that is made from synthetic ink or dies when cleaning carpet. These types of dyes are often found in highlighters and sometimes used in food coloring and can do damage to your carpet. But don’t worry! At times, it may seem like it’s their almost impossible to get out. This is because household products simply aren’t made to remove synthetic dyes from carpet fibers but there is a solution.

Chemicals for Red Stains

Professional carpet cleaner will use a special chemical that pre treats the stain before they remove it. When cleaning your carpet in Tallahassee is often that students will stain carpets with permanent markers or Kool-Aid. Often students have highlighters that fall onto the carpet and may leak out onto the fibers.. after the carpet cleaner pretreats the stain they will use a high-powered pressure cleaner and suction system that will remove the stains from the carpet but first they have to apply heat so that the chemical reaction that loosens the dies will take place. Once the chemical set in and he has been applied to the surface a chemical reaction begins that separates the dies from the carpet fibers then the carpet cleaner will use a very special machine that applies hot water to rinse the the chemicals and the stain from the carpet fibers.

Getting the Red Stains Out

First pre-treat the stain with the Red Remover chemical then with a damp rag place on top of the stain and then with a hot iron set to medium low temperature you will place the iron on top of the rag. After awhile you will start to see some steam come from the towel. It is very important to have a well-ventilated area so be sure to open the windows and use a fan and do and not to breathe in any of the fumes coming from the rag. After a couple minutes usually between 1 to 2 minutes the stain will begin to evaporate on to the rag. You will want to repeat this process at most 2 two three times until the stain is almost completely gone. So that you don’t burn the carpet it’s important to keep your rag moist with water. Be sure not to let the rag dry up as this could start a fire.

Other Chemicals for Red Stains that You Should Avoid

What you should avoid using you should never attempt to use bleach to get red stains out of the carpet as these could damage the coloring held in by the nylon fibers of the carpet. Also ammonia should never be mixed with bleach in attempts to strengthen the cocktail as this will lead to a dangerous combination. When ammonia is mixed with bleach a dangerous gas called chlorine gas is created. This gas can be deadly if inhaled and oftentimes may send people to the hospital. Another chemical that should never be used in the attempt to remove a red stain is paint thinner Paint thinners may be an effective way to remove the paint but they will also damage the carpet so these should be avoided as well.

Different Types of Stains

Types of red stains – there are many types of red stains but the most common that you will see in Tallahassee are in nail polish makeup highlighter stains and red paint stains in the famous garnet and gold colors of the FSU football team Florida State Seminoles. Although each one of these things is different in nature and removal process these are the most common types of red stains we see when we’re cleaning carpet in the Tallahassee area.

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