How Much Does Carpet Cleaning Cost in Tallahassee, FL?

When it comes to carpet cleaning services, Tallahassee residents know there are a few things to consider when pricing is discussed. The first question that always comes up is how much per square foot will the job cost? This article will explain how Tallahassee carpet cleaning companies price their services and what factors influence that price.

Carpet Cleaning Costs are Usually based on Square Footage

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Most carpet cleaning companies in Tallahassee price their cleaning services per square foot. This means that the total cost of the job will be based on the number of square feet of carpet that needs to be cleaned. The typical price per square foot is between $0.25 and $0.50. However, there are a few factors that can influence the price per square foot, such as:

  1. The type of carpet: Some types of carpet are more difficult to clean than others and may require special cleaners or treatments. This can increase the price per square foot.
  2. The condition of the carpet: Carpets that are heavily soiled or have pet stains will generally cost more to clean than those that are lightly soiled.
  3. The size of the room: Larger rooms will require more cleaners and may take longer to clean, which can increase the price per square foot.

Most Carpet Cleaners Charge Flat Rates Based on the Number of Rooms

It’s important to understand that companies will usually offer this rate as a generalization as many homes have different sizes. A lot of times when carpet cleaning companies display their pricing it’s a flat charge on a per room basis. The Carpet Cleaning Cost will be loosely based on square footage but could fluctuate if the room is very large. Most of the time they’ll keep the price of a large room the same price as a small room. Also, they may include a hallway with that pricing. Certain costs will usually be added if stair carpet cleaning is involved.

Carpet Cleaning Companies Like to Keep it Simple With Costs

So, although it’s usually based on the volume of carpet, they will most likely keep the prices the same for residential carpet cleaning services to keep things simple for themselves and the customer. Rather than measure every residential room with a ruler, they’ll just say 3 rooms and a hall is x flat price, 2 rooms and a hall is y flat price, and 1 room and a hall is z flat price, regardless of the actual room size. This method is how most carpet cleaning costs are calculated.

How much does carpet cleaning cost in Tallahassee prices

How Much Does Tile and Grout Cleaning Cost?

If tile and grout cleaning is involved, most companies follow the same formula. They will measure the area of tile and then give you a price based on that square footage. Some companies will include or exclude charges based on the size of the room but can loosely follow the same pricing formula.

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How to Hire a Carpet Cleaning Company?

So, when hiring a carpet cleaning company in Tallahassee, it is important to read reviews and customer testimonials. This will give you an idea of the quality of the services they provide. It is also important to ask for a presentation before hiring a company. This will allow you to see their work firsthand and make sure they are using the latest equipment and techniques.

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Daniel with Main is SO GREAT! He has been helping me on several occasions to get rid of pet stains from my 2 new puppies and he is always on time and courteous.He knows his stuff! Always prompt with the service and does a fantastic job explaining his process. He even did a test spot on my kitchen tile to show me what other services they could offer because he knows I have a house keeper but my tile just won't come clean. If you're looking at your tile wondering if it's coming clean enough when you mop, I promise it does not!Jay with Main is very responsive as well for scheduling and always so kind to chat with.As a realtor, I am always looking for great vendors to recommend to my clients. I received a recommendation from a fellow realtor to use Main and I was not disappointed!!They are also cleaning the tile and carpet for my parents new home and the before and after is just crazy.