Hey Tallahassee, Pressure washing is among the most popular cleaning methods today. The technique is highly regarded for its ability to provide a fast and efficient cleaning. Pressure washing achieves a much more powerful clean than other methods because the water is usually discharged with so much force that it blasts algae, mold, staining, and other forms of discoloration from a surface within a short time.

Pressure washers are excellent for home cleaning concrete surfaces such as patios, driveways, or walkways. In this article, you’ll learn why pressure washing is highly regarded and how it can help keep your exterior looking clean. Pressure washing machines are also a great way to get your commercial building washing done too!

How Does a Pressure Washer Work?

 soft wash tallahasseeA pressure washer uses an electric motor or water pump to create an ultra-strong stream of water that can tackle outdoor stains. Because the water travels fast, the pressurized liquid is often enough to break down dirt on a surface and wash it away. Pressure washers are effective at removing dirt, debris, algae, moss, etc.

Pressure washer power usually depends on the pounds per square inch (PSI) and water flow, also called gallons per minute (GPM). Choosing the correct PSI is crucial in pressure washing. That’s because the higher the PSI, the more force the water will have on the surface being cleaned. PSI levels that are considered too high may cause significant, visible damage to delicate surfaces built with soft materials.

As a result, pressure washing is generally used on hard, non-porous surfaces or objects. Such areas/objects include sidewalks, walkways, stairways, patios and driveways, exterior facades of buildings, open-air plazas and parking garages, wood decks, fencing, cars, etc.

What Tools Will You Likely Need for an Effective Pressure Wash?

For the best cleaning results, it’s recommended to invest in advanced pressure washing equipment. Some of the equipment you’ll need include hot water units with not less than 18 HP and V-twin motors that can provide sufficient hot water to clean surfaces quickly and more efficiently.

You’ll also need high-power washers with high-pressure output (3,000 PSI or more) for better cleaning results. As well as that, you’ll need high pressure and low-pressure water hoses, tips with various angles, turbo and sprayer nozzles, surface cleaners in multiple sizes, and X-Jet.

Other tools are generators, dual lance, sewer jetters, telescoping extension wands, electric motor or gas engine, reels, a softwash pre-treatment chemical mix or soaps, and hydrostatic line testers.

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Why is Pressure Washing Important?

One of the significant benefits of pressure washing is that it enhances the appearance of your property. Whether you own a hotel or a cinema, pressure washing can help boost the curb appeal of your premises. Cleaning the dust, mud, mold, and general grime from your surfaces will help keep your property’s exterior looking great and attractive.

Also, pressure washing helps prevent long-term property damage since mold and grime can cause long-term damage to your property if left untreated. Pressure washing your property regularly helps you to keep on top of these issues and save money. Another benefit of pressure washing is that it is an environmentally friendly way to clean a property’s exterior surfaces.

Is Pressure Washing Better than Other Cleaning Methods?

Using a pressure washer is one of the most effective ways to clean at a relatively low cost. Pressure washers also help ensure ultra-fast cleaning. However, each washing technique is unique in its own way. The type of material used on the area being cleaned also helps determine the appropriate cleaning technique that should be used.

For instance, the advantage of a pressure washer is felt most clearly when cleaning hard walls, paving stones, or external cladding. On the other hand, soft washing is more suitable for stucco, wood siding, roofs, or outdoor furniture.

Whichever technique you use, you can rest assured of sprucing up your property and giving it a nice new look.

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